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16 April 2011

awesomeness KIMORA LEE pt.2

Fashion & bussiness of KLS
Just after her thirteenth birthday, Kimora was awarded an exclusive modeling contract with Chanel and went to work under the tutelage of famed Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld. She quickly gained attention in the fashion world when she closed Lagerfeld's haute couture show in 1989.

 "Everything people thought was weird about me before," Kimora told People Weekly
 KLS, launched in Fall 2007.
A self-help book written by Kimora, Fabulosity: What It Is and How to Get It,  The book is set to function as a 'lifestyle manual' on everything from spirituality and finances to fashion and beauty. She has also launched five perfumes for women: GoddessGolden GoddessSeductive Goddess,Baby Phat Fabulosity" and recently "Love me".

On September 1, 2010, Kimora parted ways with Baby Phat and its management company. Since the split, Kimora plans to launch her KLS collection and Kouture by Kimora Brands. She also has a exclusive brand coming to Macy's that will offer stylish clothes for under $40

uollsss paham x ni i cite ni?
tak paham bukak kamus eh.
tu la pentingnya english education.hehe.

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  1. suka tengok cite realiti show die...
    sweet je die ngan famili die

  2. fyna suka kimora..hehedia bukak baru punya brand kan? KLS..tapi kan..anak2 dia hitam2 sgt lah =.= ehhe

  3. zuraifah- hehehe kan kan.sweet je kan.i tak tgk sgt.tu yg review profile dye tu.

    fyna-aah yelah. 2 2 husband dye kulit kaye takpe.hehe

  4. die ni memang kaya gile...tapi garang woh!! hahaha..

  5. Fyna, anak dia hitam sbb ayah die memang hitam gilos... bapak pun kaya gak..

  6. omg..wawa minat sgt kat die nie!!!

  7. mmg kimora jgk! wpon dy ade jgk bad attitude yg wat org myampah tp dy sorang yg motivated and confident..oh wish to be like her..hik3


sayang anak ditangan-tangankan,sayang rara,di komen-komenkan.heee~ thanks sbb singgah and baca entry and komen skali,i appreciate it. =.='

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