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05 May 2011


ni lah baru betul yg pepatah kata
"kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi"
hee~bukak kamus plak harini kan.
cube tenung betulbetul muka keturunan diRAJA ni.
sama kan.dorg ni maybe 7keturunan mmg muke
sepesen kot kan?heee.chill.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II must have been a favorite of her granny, Queen Mary. The British monarch bears a remarkable likeness to the Queen consort, who saw both her beloved son King George VI and granddaughter Elizabeth ascend the throne before her death in 1953.

Lady Louise Windsor

Even at age 6 (in 2009), Prince Edward’s little girl is a mini-me of her very famous granny, Queen Elizabeth II, who was quite the cherubic 4-year-old in a photo taken in 1930

Lord Freddie Windsor

He is 37th in line to the throne,so the chances that Freddie Windsor will get his crowning moment are about as bad as those of his ancestor Louis Frederick, Prince of Wales. His ancestor died at the young age of 44 with none of his political ambitions ever fulfilled.

Prince Charles

Yes, Prince Charles is a dead ringer for Edward VII, who owned the title of Prince of Wales before ascending the throne in 1901.

Prince Edward

Long live the king (George VI) in Prince Edward! Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son is indeed a natty 21st-century version of his grandfather, with his thoughtful gaze and his deep-set eyes.

Prince Harry

Guess who else bears a striking likeness to Queen Mary? Everyones favorite eligible royal bachelor Prince Harry, whose red hair and blue eyes were clearly passed down from his great-great-grandmother.

Prince Michael of Kent

A cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and Freddie’s dad, Prince Michael of Kent has the bearing – along with the full beard! – of his granddad, King George V, who ruled the United Kingdom through the First World War until his death in 1936.
Prince William
 Princess Beatrice
You thought that Beatrice looked like her dad – think again! It turns out that 22-year-old daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson bears an uncanny resemblance to her great-great-great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Princess Eugenie

Prince Andrew and Fergie’s younger daughter would make the late Queen Mum proud! The 21-year-old shares great-great-granny’s soulful eyes, full lips and even her face shape!
p/s:thnks k.eida sudi bg share =)
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  1. ooo. prince harry dapat ginger hair dari great-grandmother dia rupanya. mula2x pelik jugak sebab parents dia bukan ginger hair. thanks for the info. ;)

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  3. hehehe thnks to k.eida sbb share =)

  4. weeee....
    comel jek tgk prince william ada beard cam tu...

  5. mmg nampk semuanya sama! Kuat gen depa nih..


sayang anak ditangan-tangankan,sayang rara,di komen-komenkan.heee~ thanks sbb singgah and baca entry and komen skali,i appreciate it. =.='

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