19 February 2013

Harper Beckham belajar sepak bola.

Honing her ball skills: Harper Beckham plays with a ball watched by her father David at a West London park on Monday

Keeping warm: Harper looked cosy in a red quilted coat, jeans and Converse trainers

Sitting back: David sat on a bench as he let his little girl explore the park from a close distance

Colourful: David watches his youngest son Cruz working on his ball skills

Breakfast on the go: David and the family popped into a branch of Le Pain Quotidien for some drinks and snacks on the way to the park

Protective: David made sure Harper's jacket was done up properly

Kiss for my little princess: David plants a kiss on Harper's face
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sayang anak ditangan-tangankan,sayang rara,di komen-komenkan.heee~ thanks sbb singgah and baca entry and komen skali,i appreciate it. =.='

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