07 July 2014


HARGA  : RM49.00
POSTAGE RM13.00 WM / RM20.00 EM 

Serve 3 different cold drinks with our easy to use drink dispenser.
 It’s great for entertaining, picnics, BBQ’s, 
and will be the highlight of your kitchen or buffet table. 

• features convenient swivel base
• includes 3 spigots
• store in fridge
• PP/rubber/ABS/PS/PVC
• dishwasher safe
• enjoy each of your 3 beverages from any of our affordable and durable drinkware
• make dining easy by checking out our selection of easy to use servers and slow cookers

This large drink dispenser is designed with 3 separate ½-gallon compartment within its table friendly dimensions of 8½" x 8½" x 11".

PM saya di page MomMadnessGarage
terima kasih


Montana said...


Fifi Nadhrah said...

menariknye rara!~

ummi aqilah (LM) said...

Mak aiii seksinyaaaa tiga warna! Suka suka suka

fazilzura said...

wah berbusiness jgk rupe nye awak ye..

mama ka0ri said...

boleh buat utk raya ni..

Sya Mimie said...

Sesuai pkai time raya..

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