07 July 2014


HARGA  : RM49.00
POSTAGE RM13.00 WM / RM20.00 EM 

Serve 3 different cold drinks with our easy to use drink dispenser.
 It’s great for entertaining, picnics, BBQ’s, 
and will be the highlight of your kitchen or buffet table. 

• features convenient swivel base
• includes 3 spigots
• store in fridge
• PP/rubber/ABS/PS/PVC
• dishwasher safe
• enjoy each of your 3 beverages from any of our affordable and durable drinkware
• make dining easy by checking out our selection of easy to use servers and slow cookers

This large drink dispenser is designed with 3 separate ½-gallon compartment within its table friendly dimensions of 8½" x 8½" x 11".

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sayang anak ditangan-tangankan,sayang rara,di komen-komenkan.heee~ thanks sbb singgah and baca entry and komen skali,i appreciate it. =.='

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