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05 October 2015

Rupanya Erin Malek mengandung anak kembar

Hanya seorang anak Erin Malek selamat dilahirkan

1st October 2015, Thursday, 9.27am Alhamdulillah, it was a very memorable moment for me and Farriz. We would like to introduce and welcome our little prince, 
Mohamed Faliq Bin Mohamed Farriz to our beautiful family.

Many might not know that my other baby twin to Faliq has passed away at the age of 16th weeks during my pregnancy. His heart stopped beating due to excessive fluid in the tummy, causing his whole body to swollen. As the doctor adviced us that I still can carry my other baby through my 9 months pregnancy. Finally, for the first time, I have mixed feelings when looking at Faliq today, as he reminds me of his other half. 

Farriz and I were really sad about this but we believe Allah have a better plan for us and both of our babies. We would like to extend our gratitude to our family members, friends and all the people for giving their full support and prayers. 
Thank you. #faliqfarriz

Tahniah Erin Malek, tak tau pun yang dia mengandung kembar, tapi hanya sorg yang berjaya survive, sobs~ tapi yang sorang ni pun cukup comels! Alhamdulillah, tapi aku suka tengok erin malek masa dia preggy, berseri seri betul wajah dia. haih~ sedapnya bau babyyyy~
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  1. masa dia pregnant tau dia mengandung kembar tapi tatau yang sorang dah meninggal huuuu. sedihnya rasa. dia apatah lagi. tapi tak dinafikan erin malek ni comei, cantik :)

  2. Salam, owh bace ni baru tau rupanya dia dpt kembar, tp xpelah..yg lagi sorg tu dh balik semula ke syurga, insyaAllah :D

  3. tkpelah ..rezeki 1 pun syukur sgt dah tu kan :)


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