24 November 2016

Cara Memupuk Sikap Berani Anak-anak dengan Bootcamps

Kenapa Anak-anak Perlu Pergi Bootcamps

Assalamualaikum, hai korang, korang selalu tak pergi boot camps masa zaman kanak-kanak dan remaja dulu? serious talk, aku dulu masa zaman sekolah, memang jarang join boot camps. Join rombongan pun jarang, tapi, bila dah sambung belajar, boot camps ni dah jadi acara wajib. Seronok sangat join boot camps.

Tak macam sekarang, sekarang ni sangat banyak sekolah-sekolah yang sudah mula jadikan boot camps ni salah satu dari acara wajib. Dari darjah 1 pun kanak-kanak sudah mula join boot camps.

Kenapa boot camps ni sangat bagus untuk anak-anak? Banyak sangat kebaikan boot camps ni sebenarnya, pada aku sendiri, boot camps ni secara tak langsung, dia akan menyuntik sikap-sikap positif terhadap anak-anak kecil. Perasan tak bila balik boot camps je, anak-anak pasti akan jadi baik, jadi positif, so bagus lah kan. That why boot camps ni perlu berterusan. Supaya aura positif tu takkan hilang, sentiasa ada dalam diri anak-anak.

Aku selalu dengar cerita dari kawan-kawan yang dah ada anak yang umur 8 tahun, 9 tahun yang selalu di hantar ke boot camps ni, memang sikap mereka lain dari anak-anak yang lain. Dia lebih berani dan personaliti mereka juga berbeza dari kanak-kanak lain.

Character Development Program Seven Skies International (SSI)

Ingat tak entry Seven Skies International Islamic School yang lepas, ramai yang tertarik kan dengan sekolah ni. Aku pun sangat sukakan sekolah ni, mana tau kalau ada lebih rezeki nanti, boleh hantar anak-anak sekolah disini.

Okay, berbalik kepada aktiviti boot camps tadi. Sama juga seperti sekolah lain, di Seven Skies International juga mengadakan acara boot camps mereka setiap penggal.

Seven Skies International (SSI), Kuala Lumpur is a school project initiated by Mercy Mission that work as a non-profit organisation helping the Ummah. In brief, Seven Skies International is using the Cambridge syllabus as our academic studies and International Curricular as a base for our Islamic studies, we also provide modules for character development and moral upbringing for students in general.

At the heart of the Prophetic methodology of teaching is a focus on Islamic manners and moral education which can be seen in the hadith narrated by Malik when he said :

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him said, “ I have been sent to perfect good character.” Seven Skies ‘ Character Development program thrives on the hunger for excellence and the pursuit of lasting change on a personal, micro and macro level. Anchored by the indisputable guidance of the Qur’an and sunnah, the program is at the core of SSI. Ushering the winds to spiritual and academic success. We build the character and personality of our children to want success for themselves and to mold their lives accordingly.

Dengan berteraskan prinsip “Allah in the heart, the world in the hands” SSI memastikan pelajar-pelajarnya berjaya dalam kedua-dua bidang akademik dan moral.

BOOT CAMPS di Seven Skies International

Setiap penggal, SSI akan menganjurkan bootcamps. An opportunity to survive the wilderness with a focus on building fearless leaders and know how leadership begins with oneself. The art of fear removal. Untuk mengatasi fobia atau ketakutan terhadap sesuatu supaya hanya takut kepada Allah yang satu. Okay jom tengok aktiviti boot camps mereka, terbahagi kepada dua, iaitu junior boot camp dan senior boot camp.


Our main goal is to build their self-esteem, boost up their confidence level and remove common fears. For our younger students, we included activities that facilitate the removal of fear of heights, improved goal setting and team building skills.

The action packed two-day Boot Camp dated from 29 th September to 1 st October 2016 was fun yet challenging and taught the children the benefit of overcoming obstacles. This trip had included the following visits :

Day 1, KL Tower: At KL Tower, there are various attractions that are suitable for our young students. One of the main attraction is KL Eco Park, whereby it is known to be the only existing ‘green lung’ in Kuala Lumpur.

Students enjoyed the canopy walk that challenged their fear of heights, as well witnessing the azure view of the city. Moreover, they also learnt the flora and fauna that was found in the forest reserve and they will have the opportunity to go to the observation deck in the tower, to eliminate their fear of heights.

SSI night activity and sleepover: The students watched an Islamic movie with popcorn and snacks to end their day. Our teachers spent the night with the kids. From this activity, it will allow the children to appreciate the values of being away from their family and also to have some fun time with their peers.

Day 2, Rebel Boot Camp, Taman Rimba, TTDI: Our students enjoyed the outdoor fitness program incorporating aspects of sports conditioning, speed, agility, strength, balanced with a fair amount of fun, mud and friendship. They learnt how to cooperate with their teammates to fulfill the missions/tasks given. These activities was intense, challenging but also fun at the same time.

Day 2, Funtopia: Saving the best for last, kids officially ended their boot camp at Funtopia. At Funtopia, our students definitely enjoyed the indoor sport activities that is designed for the fitness of their body but also incorporating the fun element.

Activities like rope climbing, giant slide and magic maze tested their mental and physical strength, cardiovascular system and also hand-eye coordination. School trips form long-lasting positive memories for students.

At Seven Skies International, Character Development team have dedicated a lot of time and thought into ensuring that this be a profound experience for our students. We pray that they will leave with renewed confidence in themselves, a strong bond with their friends and most of all an overall understanding of their deen.

Senior Boot Camp 2016, Seven Skies International

Character Development team organized a senior boot camp for our senior students from grades 5 to 9. The boot camps are designed to help our students discover new found confidence while building physical, emotional and spiritual resilience.

They learn trust believe in themselves and in others through our team building activities as they work together to explore, solve problems and achieve goals.

The camp was a jungle themed event based in the heart of Negeri Sembilan. The went through an experiential journey which included water adventures (mainly water tubing activities), jungle trekking, survival learning (campass marching, and survival cooking), cave exploring, height activities (such as flying fox), team building activities, and night walks. The chosen venue for this year’s senior boot camp was at Kenaboi Adventure Basecamp, Titi, Negeri Sembilan.

During the 3 day activities, the students had the chance to explore in the depths of Gua Periuk, a location not far from the base camp. This activity definitely challenged their mental and physical state, as they had to go through the steep and narrow alleys and also being extremely cautious with the big boulders and rocks.

Moreover, they also participated in water tubing activities that also incorporated the element of water confidence, with some fun added to it as well. The students learnt valuable skills and ideas for survival in the jungle. They learnt how to do survival cooking using eggs in bamboo sticks and also different techniques on tying knots.

These skills will definitely be useful for any outdoor activities in the future. Furthermore, they did not miss the chance to take part in the jungle night walk. This was one of the challenging activities during the boot camp, since they had to make their way down in pitch black darkness in pairs while sharing a single candle to light the way.

It tested their confidence levels and trust among themselves as well as their peers. At the end of the session, all students made their way down successfully and with a profound appreciation for their sense of sight and the safety of a home.

All in all, these activities had taught them so many values that cannot be obtained in the classroom. Thus, it is important that the students obtain new experience that is not only enjoyable but also challenging their mind and physical strength, and overcoming their fear. As fear removal is one of the school’s theme for boot camp.

The survival and life skills is vital not only for the students, but generally for all human beings in order to prepare for any situations in the future, in sha Allah. At Seven Skies International we provide a premium education with the highest quality learning. This Boot camp will act as part of a child's continuing education, in sha Allah.

Boot Camps Boleh Menangkis Kes Buli

Baguskan boot camps ni, anak-anak belajar berdikari, berkerjasama, dan boot camps juga mengajar mereka erti susah dan senang. Kes buli, lately banyak sangat kes buli yang berlaku di sekolah-sekolah, kenapa? aku rasa sebab anak-anak kurang kesedaran, dan hanya banyak menonton filem dan drama yang tidak elok di televisyen.

Sebenarnya, drama-drama itu lah yang menyumbang kepada sikap dan masalah buli yang berlaku pada anak-anak ini. So dengan adanya aktiviti boot camps ni, pada aku sedikit sebanyak mereka akan belajar bagaimana hendak menghargai nilai persahabatan dan erti persahabatan. Bukan hanya tahu membuli dan menindas rakan sebaya mereka yang lemah.

Pendedahan yang seawal mungkin kepada anak-anak ini lah yang akan menyelamatkan anak-anak kita dari menjadi pembuli atau dibuli. Tambah lagi di Seven Skies International sangat mementingkan dan menerapkan setiap aktiviti dengan konsep Islamik, maka tak lari jauh setiap elemen, sebati dan seimbang dunia dan akhirat. InsyaAllah.

So aku pun rasa nanti, bila Kakak Princess dah masuk sekolah, nak hantar dia selalu ke boot camps, moga-moga dapat aura yang baik-baik sahaja dari kecil, semoga anak-anak kita membesar menjadi anak yang baik-baik dan boleh menjadi leader yang tegas dan terdidik.

For more information about Seven Skies International :
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